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September 02, 2017 1 min read

I always try to get at least a little crafty when it comes to Halloween, and this costume was definitely my most successful endeavor yet. It was easy, colorful, and garnered a lot of compliments! Read about the how-to below the

crepe paper halloween costume

The process is pretty straightforward. I gathered crepe paper from the Dollar Store, a grey cotton dress from Target’s clearance rack, along with scissors and Aleene’s fabric glue from my supplies. First I cut the crepe paper into strips a bit more than twice the width of the dress. I then cut little fringes into them and glued them down row by row, overlapping them by about half an inch. I glued the front first, let it dry, then flipped the dress and glued down the back. It got a little tricky around the sleeves and neckline but I just made the strips overlap more or less to accommodate the curves. In some really tricky spots I cut shorter pieces to fill in gaps. To finish it off I put some acrylic jewels around the neck. The hat is two pieces of 8.5″x11″ cardstock rolled into cone shapes, covered with the same fringed crepe paper, and strung together with a loop of elastic.

Whole process took no more than 3 hours, and cost less than 20 dollars! P.S. don’t forget to carry a bat as your accessory.